The weekend roundup...

So this weeks been a little chilly to say the in Cambridgeshire has meant i haven't seen any of the white stuff...and I'm not happy about it.

Because i was not weather restricted- i got out quite a bit this week and did you know, stuff :)

Friday night I went for a bella italia with my two best boy friends and then to the cinema to see American Sniper for the second time- i highly recommend!

Saturday we had a Mexican night at my beautiful friend Hollys house - this involved lots of melted cheese and naughtiness on the food front.  Holly and i are the lovers of trashy tv so i get to have a purely awesome evening eating and watching junk!!!

Sunday was a lazy day, i felt really irritated however so ended up gutting my bedroom and gelling my nails.  Then i found Theuglyfaceofbeauty's blog/youtube account- and well, yeah that's how the remainder of my day was spent- glued to the laptop.

So those were the highlights of my week...What did you get up to or were you housebound due to oodles of snow!?

T xxx

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