Mac Warm Soul Review...

I have owned this blush for well over a year now and its fair to say I haven't raved enough about it.  I use it almost every day alongside Mac Harmony under my cheekbones.  The reason it is a daily grab for me is due to the subtleness of the shade and finish.  It is a mineralise finish so naturally it is quite shimmery and whilst pigmented, even if you are heavy handed with the blush brush it doesn't leave you with dolly flushed cheeks.

Id say that the colour is only really noticeable in daylight- in fact I never find myself reaching for it upon an evening out as it is definitely more suited to daytime.

I feel this colour suits all skin tones and colourings as I've used it on nearly every bridesmaid I've ever made up (I am a bridal mua if you didn't know) and it photographs beautifully.

I would really recommend this blush as a make up bag staple and this beauty has lasted well over a year so its definitely good value for money.

Have you tried this shade?

T xxx

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