Pay day wishlist...


Lordy this has been a long month...Friday cannot come quick enough for me...i need dollar!  I have had a list of "needs" on the go for a while now and I thought id share what ill be bagging as soon as that pay packet hits my bank account.

  1. Desperation pjs....Its going to be a lonely valentines...i need this
  2. Truffles- I'm blaming my friend holly for getting me into these indulgent hazelnut balls of wonder!
  3. Tigi tween- my current shampoo is making my head much for saving money...i need my usual shampoo/conditioner combo back- and quick!
  4. Ren 1 minute facial- Ive been obsessed with the ugly face of beauty's blog this weekend- how have i only just found her blog?!!! Subsequently i now want to try anything she recommends.
  5. Kawaii cloud pjs...hmmm another bed item...i need a pj overhaul after i realise i have no defined bed clothes- i basically look like a tramp come 8 oclock...this cant continue!
Anything on your list for the much anticipated January payday?

T xxx

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